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Implementation from 2002 to 2008

Details of the AMMA International Implementation site during the Phase 1:

The implementation of AMMA involves the following steps :

  • initial setup of the LOP monitoring program
  • definition of a detailed strategy for the EOP and the SOP
  • deployment of the EOP and SOP instruments
  • data base, training and capacity building actions.

Responsible for the implementation of the multi-year field campaign is the International Coordination and Implementation Group (ICIG). It is under the control of the ISSC to ensure that it meets the scientific needs of the AMMA progamme.

The major task of the ICIG is to ensure a real coherency and good coordination of all the field work scheduled by each of the various AMMA components. This is a difficult but necessary commitment in order to reach the overall ambitious scientific goals of the program, and not only the piece wise goals of each individual project.

To that end, AMMA has been structured in Task Teams (TTs) and Support Teams (STs), defined around a coherent ensemble of instruments in term of observing strategy. The task teams are thus cutting across the scientific working groups set up by the ISSC, as well as across the individual projects composing AMMA. Each TT has produced a TT document which describes in detail its specific strategy. These documents are found as chapters of the AMMA International Implementation Plan.

For further information, see main AMMA documents:

(Summarized description of the observing strategy and related actions carried out to fulfil the scientific objectives of the AMMA international program, as given in the AMMA International Science Plan)


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